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Details und Richtlinien für ein Gastro-Food-Video

Can Snap-Z be cut to fit my panel width?

Absolutely! We cut SnapZ pieces to your exact specs (to 1/16”) so they are ready to install when they arrive.

Will Snap-Z work in harsh weather?

Yes, our ridge roof vent has been tested by Intertek for wind, rain, and snow up to 110 mph.

Do you offer dealer and wholesale pricing?

Yes! Call us at 717-572-0910 to get custom pricing.

What comes with Snap-Z metal ridge roof vents?

- The ridge vents cut to size - Screening foam - Optional: Pre-applied butyl tape

What tools do I need to install Snap-Z ridge vents?

If you order them pre-cut and with pre-applied butyl tape, then all you need is a screw gun and screws!

How can SnapZ increase my crew’s install efficiency on metal roofs?

1. Ridge vents are pre-cut to panel size; no on-site cutting required. 2. We can ship them with butyl tape pre-applied. 3. They are conveniently shipped to your site or warehouse in 12”x12” boxes (lengths vary) via UPS Ground or Freight

What pitches can Snap-Z be installed on?

The minimum is a 3/12 pitch, and there is no maximum.

Is your product fire rated?

The ridge roof vents are fire rated, but the the screening foam is not.

Why is it recommended to have 2”-3” spacing for screw attachments?

1. It keeps the Snap-Z ridge roof vents firmly in place. 2. The screws pin the standing seam panel at the top of the roof. This keeps the panels securely in place while still allowing for thermal expansion, and it also helps withstand movement due to wind and snow.

Should Snap-Z ridge roof vents be the same color as the roof panels?

While we have several color options available, we recommend our standard black Snap-Z ridge vents. When installed correctly, the black vents look like a simple shadow line. For more information, see our blog post addressing why we recommend the black roof vent.

How does the Snap-Z system keep critters out?

Because the screening foam is used with a metal ridge vent, critters cannot chew through the foam or pick it apart.

How does Snap-Z help reduce ice dams?

Snap-Z ridge roof vents allow proper ventilation in attics. In the winter time, this allows warm air in the attic to escape and keeps the attic cooler. Cooler attics and roofs reduce the freeze/thaw cycle which leads to ice dams.

Can SnapZ help reduce cooling bills?

Yes! Due to the ventilation that SnapZ allows, warm air in the summer is able to escape instead of remaining trapped in the attic. This keeps the attic cooler and your cooling bills lower.


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